Limited Edition Dragon necklaces

Limited Edition hand cast Dragons.

There are only nine...two each of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and one Spirit.

Tempest is a Water Dragon, silvery blue.
She has a 19" necklace which I've made from three strands of recycled Silk yarn in shades of silver and blue.
Tempest is 2 & 5/16" long.

Bronwen is a rare Albino Dragon, doubly rare as she is also a Spirit Dragon.
Bronwen had a difficult hatching, and as a result one of her horns was damaged. However, this hasn't affected her in any way - she is a healthy Dragon and is searching for her rightful guardian.
She has a specially created purple Silk necklace, and a matching bail.
She is 4" long including the Silk bail (2 & 5/16" without the bail)
The necklace is 18" long.

Ngozi is an Earth Dragon, green and bronze.
She has an 18" necklace which I've made from recycled Silk ribbon, and has a Silk and Copper wire bail.
Ngozi herself is 2 & 5/16" long, with her Silk and Copper bail she is 3 & 9/16" long.