Kambaba Jasper Necklaces

Kambaba Jasper necklaces, with handmade bails.

An elongated oval shape. I've made a Copper bail for this piece.
The pendant is 2.75" long, the Silk necklace is 19" long.
This pendant is beautiful on both sides and can be worn with either on show.

A heart, with a hand made bail.
This heart is on a hand made black Silk yarn necklace.
The heart pendant is 2" long, and the Silk necklace is 17.5" long.

An oval shape with a Bronze wire bail, on a braided dark green Silk ribbon necklace.
The pendant is 2 & 3/8" long, the necklace is 18" long.

An arrow shape, with a handmade bail.
The pendant is 2.5" long, the green silk ribbon necklace is 18" long.

The Silk in these necklaces is recycled.